drugstore 2

Drugstore’s Season 4 OPENING PARTY with 5 DJ sets in the Big room and 6 Live sets in the Small room is taking place on the 26th of September from 11 pm. Help them make it through the night. Well-known local producers and DJs will roll the dice. You’ll love club’s plan for 2015/2016 with plenty of fresh names and Belgrade Premieres. The doors of the former biggest slaughterhouse in the Balkans open once again.
Big Room – DJ SETS
Tijana T | https://soundcloud.com/tijanat
Flip | www.soundcloud.com/djflip
Feloneezy | https://soundcloud.com/felonyflats
Doo | https://soundcloud.com/doo
Alibey | https://soundcloud.com/alibeysevgisi

Small Room – LIVE SETS
Jan Nemeček | https://soundcloud.com/jan-nemecek
33.10.3402 | https://soundcloud.com/33-10-3402-nd-b-mkc
HETEM | https://soundcloud.com/hetem
A//O | https://soundcloud.com/atom-output
kӣr | https://soundcloud.com/k6r
MangulicaFM | https://soundcloud.com/mangulicafm