Belgrade’s techno cathedral Drugstore is entering the VI season on the 29th of September. What better way to step back into the game than with an agenda stock full of exciting surprises, challenges, and of course – some of the best techno acts of today! 

Silent Servant (Official) / Jelous God, Los Angeles

Mark Knekelhuis / Kenekelhuis, Amsterdam
Stevie Whisper 

As ever since Drugstore first opened six years ago, we well intend to keep on living up to the ideal which first brought our team together. We were the first club in Belgrade to openly aim at recreating Detroit-style raves in a virtually untouched industrial environment and if we may say so, still the only one.
This year again, we will attempt to throw the best avant-garde techno parties where there used to be none – for the sake of all the curious souls who will dare pass the threshold of our infamous slaughterhouse from dusk, till dawn.
You can also expect concerts, cutting-edge live acts and who knows what…

Let’s see what contemporary music is about these days.
And the best is yet to come!

After months of discreet preparation and tricky negotiations lead from the backstage, we are proud to announce that this season should see Drugstore goes international. Following up on our mission to prove that another sound is possible, we have decided to join efforts with some of the best underground techno clubs to be found in Europe. Hosting their crews as exclusive § residents for a few nights, while they host ours : this is how we shall preach and conquer.

In other words, you’d better keep your eyes and ears wide open. For this season holds in store myriad names we believe in, cutting-edge acts we are proud to expose, and, as always, more of those pioneering musical offerings Drugstore fights for. Follow event here

Welcome back to the slaughterhouse!
Welcome back to the temple of joy!
Season VI at Drugstore starts now!