Summer is almost gone and Drugstore’s Secret Garden is closing its doors. One more time we are inviting you to join the night of earthly pleasures! On the 9th of September the club will be hosting techno DJ and Producer Francois X. Doors open from 11 pm.  Tickets at the door: 500 RSD  before midnight / after 700 RSD

Line up:

Francois X [Deeply Rooted, MDR] // FRA

Filip Xavi


Sayyed Bandar

Francois X has steadily established himself as a key character in the burgeoning techno movement in Paris.  A DJ and a producer, his unique music style, whether alone or as Hiss : 1292 (his collaborative project with Opuswerk) flips  the listener into a hypnotic trance by its cinematic and vivid atmosphere.

Following ten years of relentless DJing, Dj Deep, a friend and mentor of long date produced his first three records on Deeply Rooted. These releases not only gave his production the strongest public introduction possible but also allowed for one of his works to be revisited by Marcel Dettmann.

Francois X is also co-founder with Heartbeat of Dement3d, a record label hosting the first appearance of musicians such as Sandwell District in Paris and today entirely focused on recording budding talents besides established artists such as his colleagues Polar Inertia, his dual with Hiss : 1292 as well as his own solo projects.

Francois X’s music seems to have captured the interest of an important character in his life, Marcel Dettmann, both a friend and musical inspiration. “Rising” appears in Marcel Dettmann’s Fabric 77 who will release the track on his label, MDR in a couple of months and launch him as a great international musician of growing notoriety.

His consistently exceptional DJ sets have secured Francois X a residence at Concrete, the world-famous Parisean party, as well as regular slots at some of Europe’s leading clubs and festivals including Berghain.

On the 10th of September  the club will be hosting Danga from Romania. Doors open from 10 pm.

Line up:

Aytac Aybak

DANAGA Live (Romania)

Mkdsl live


DANAGA (Daniel Aga) began his musical adventure in 1998, first as a vocal singer and guitarist in a rock band. Fast forward ten years, he sells his motorcycle in order to get his first computer and that’s when he switches to electronics.

He describes his music as a ‘homemade hard listening electronic’ and it’s a blend between different genres like the 60s and the 70s electronic music, jazz, hip hop, funk, house with a blend of Eastern European folklore. He has worked with a series of artists like Florin Tarlea, Mihai Pop, Mircea Florian.

He was featured with his own productions on ‘Culese din Cartier’ compilation, edited by famous Romanian band Subcarpati, as well as on Buzz RO! 2011 at Local Records.

His first album, ‘Am n-aripi’ is a collection of stories about the contemporary alienated man who tries to find his true self and is available for download at