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Chris touched his first instrument, a Keyboard, when he was just 6 years old, and with that he experienced his first musical notes. Along the years he improved a lot musically by hearing several kinds of music from his Dad, who was a DJ in the 80’s, ranging from House to Disco and he also discovered Techno and Trance Music that he took a liking to at once. When he was around 12-13 years old he started to experiment for the first time with simple sequencers when he had some free time, only as a hobby though. When he became 17 years old he decided to become a DJ and Producer using professional Sequencers. He did not stop in his pursuit and keept producing, until his music was released for several labels. He has always been oriented on Electronic Music, also appreciating old groups as Imagination, obviously thanks to his father. His Music is mainly based on a matrix very Dark and Dub, then Underground stuff. His first DJ experience was on may 29th of 2008, participating in a DJ Contest and reaching the finals, surprising the public in a very good way. From that day Liven was called to participate in different parties around Switzerland and Italy proposing a particular and innovative sound characterized by Gloomy and dynamic music. Today, Liven reached a big goal, coming out for Darknet with an EP named Milky Way. Not long afterwards he signed a new EP entitled A.G.W. for Armatura Records with 2 Remixes from Audio Injection and Concrete DJz. With good response from this release came his latest effort, again for Serbian label Armatura Records, second EP titled ‘Disturbance’ which includes remixes by Victor Martinez and Non-Linear. Release came out in early 2014 and got great reviews and support by the big guns of Techno. Chris Liven is growing so he has a lot to offer yet, so Watchout!

CHRIS LIVEN // Armatura Records, Milano IT

Mudrost // Wunderblock, BG
Mihajlo Hfm // Hear It. Feel It. Move It, BG
Pannon // Armatura Records, PA
Concrete Djz // Armatura Records, Edit:Tehno, BG





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