This March Music Reactions organization will take you on a underground voyage into deepest realms of techno, the portal will be opened at Drugstore Beograd.

For the first time in Belgrade, internationally acclaimed Djs and producers Emmanuel and Anetha will be guests on the 10th of March.

Emmanuel (ARTS) – “A true artist is the one who stands out from the crowd” is the main motto of the man and the approach that this young producer has towards music.

In time when labels and artists management is ever growing business it’s a really rare luck to find artists such as Emmanuel Beddewela. Despite his tender age his unique production style has already been able to bewitch heavy weights of the contemporary underground techno and house scene such as Sven Vath, Ben Sims, Ben Klock, Marcel Dettman, Answer Code Request, Regis, Surgeon and many more. He runs his own label ARTS (Ltd, Collective and Transparent) and Darkmatter Inc..

Anetha (BLOCAUS) – A young lady inspired by a new wave and electronic music alone, whose sets are blown through acid lines, melancholic melodies, and hypnotizing sounds. Merging the old sculpture tape of the nineties with the new audience crowd.

The Parisian based DJ and producer has been gaining quite a name for herself over the past few years, playing in famous places in France and all around the world such as Concrete and Weather Festival in Paris, Khidi in Tbilissi, Korner in Taipei, Grelle Forelle in Austria, Faust in Seoul, Reaktor in Amsterdam and Berghain in Berlin. Anetha also co-manages Blocaus Series, the imprint started with her Blocaus collective in 2016 to develop the French local scene alongside great remixers.

On this occasion guest artists Emmanuel and Anetha will be supported by Music Reactions residents RAR and Betomeng.