In the heart of Belgrade, a dynamic fusion of music and mixology has breathed new life into the city’s nocturnal landscape. Journey with us as we unveil the top 5 establishments that have recently emerged, each contributing its unique flair to the tapestry of Belgrade’s nightlife.

CARUSEL (Vrteska) – Retro Chic in Dorcol

Nestled along the enchanting Francuska St. in Dorcol, CARUSEL beckons with its intimate charm and retro allure. By day, it’s a stylish bar, and as night falls, it transforms into a small yet dynamic dance club. The ambient lighting and the youthful Russian crowd create an enticing atmosphere. Immerse yourself in electronic beats, engage in conversations, and savor a refreshing beer or a gin tonic.

  • Price: $
  • Address: Francuska 17 St.

Jet Set – A Russian-inspired Cocktail Oasis

Fresh on the scene, Jet Set occupies the revamped space that once housed SECER. With a complete interior overhaul, it now stands as a sophisticated Russian-inspired cocktail club. Choose between lounging at the expansive bar or relaxing in cozy alcoves with friends. The cocktail menu, starting from 9 euros, pairs seamlessly with delightful small bites. Jet Set offers a tasteful fusion of music, ambiance, and impeccable mixology.

  • Price: $$
  • Address: Svetogorska 17 St.
Karmakoma Belgrade, photo credits: Apgrade Festival & Karmakoma

Karmakoma – Electronic Vibes in a Redesigned Garden

Born from the legendary Drugstore techno cathedral, Karmakoma emerges with a fresh perspective and an alluring visage. Nestled in the redesigned garden of Drugstore Club, this venue promises an exhilarating experience. From local DJs to international stars, Karmakoma is set to become a focal point for electronic music enthusiasts. It’s not just a club; it’s an anticipation-filled journey through different genres of electronic music.

  • Price: $
  • Address: Poankerova 32 St.

KULT – Music Odyssey in the City Center

For aficionados of electronic beats, KULT stands tall in the city center, offering a haven for music enthusiasts. Boasting a curated selection of local DJ collectives, regional stars, and internationally acclaimed DJs and producers like Radio Slave, KULT promises an unforgettable music adventure. Immerse yourself in the pulsating rhythms and vibrant energy that define this cutting-edge nightclub.

  • Price: $$
  • Address: Cumicevo Sokace St.

DRIP – Coffee in Historic Dorcol

When it’s time to unwind from the energetic pulse of the night, DRIP, a newly opened coffee shop in the historical Dorcol area, beckons. This laid-back haven invites you to savor high-quality cappuccinos, share moments with friends, and enjoy the company of your furry companions. DRIP is not just a coffee shop; it’s a small retreat in the heart of Belgrade.

  • Price: $
  • Address: Gospodar Jevremova 46a

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