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Yugo.Logo is a research project by Ognjen Rankovic ( that aims at archiving logotypes created in the territory of the former Yugoslavia. In addition to reproduction, the project involves collecting information on the year of establishment, location, and authors of the graphic design.

The basic starting point for this project lies in the fact that most of the symbols, created more than half a century ago, are considered excellent solutions according to contemporary design standards. Their influence on the contemporary design of the local space, as well as the aesthetic criteria of the local audience, is by no means negligible, which, although at first glance archaic, makes it a very current research topic.

Besides researching various print and digital sources, as well as documenting the symbols (some of them are still prominent in the spaces of the extinguished companies and the old products themselves) the Yugo.Logo project seeks to form an extensive database of design solutions in the period from 1918 to 1990.

About the author:

Ognjen Rankovic is a Belgrade-based (graphic) designer, photographer and street artist. By combining techniques and areas of interest, Ognjen is experimenting with ways of visual expression while working on both commercial and self-initiated projects. His primary areas of interest are sustainable design, packaging design, environmental protection, as well as the history of regional architecture and design.

He is a member of the SuperCluster Studio; the Reconstruction Festival; and the Deadliners Print Workshop.

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