Fancy trying local fast food in the Hot Good joint? It’s a place where locals like dropping by for some fast but delicious meals while listening to cool music. Guests are urban local folks from DJs, Hip Hop musicians to foreign guests.

On the menu you can find city famous foot long (50 cm) hot dogs locally called “every girl’s dream”. But also very fine burgers from beef and horse meat, tasty home sausages made of pork or horse meat, original Berliner curry wurst, mini burgers, a variety of sandwiches ranging from ones with baked chicken with chicken cream to so called a cowboy sandwich with beefsteak, mushrooms, peppers, onions, and pavlaka cream, but also vegetarian ones with domestic goat’s cheese, olives, nuts, rocket and many other types.


Desserts are also on the menu. We suggest trying some of the sweet pancakes with nutela, plazma cookie and pineapple.

Hot Good stands in the inner city, near the Tasmajdan park. It serves breakfast, lunch and dinner and works till 2 AM  on work days and till 5 AM at the weekend. So if you feel like having a snack early in the morning after attending a party elsewhere in Belgrade this place is perfect. Not to mention that the prices of the food ranges from 1 to 3 euros per meal.

Check it out here 

Location: Abardareva BB, near Tasmajdan park, 11000 Belgrade