Gala Borović, a Belgrade born  designer of women’s wear ,  MA Faculty of Applied Arts , Belgrade, Serbia.

gala borovic fashion design

“I am currently involved in cofounding „ MI Concept Store“ with my colleagues Dijana Malnar, Dajana Vasic and Julija Djerkovic and launching  my brand worldwide. Over the past year I have been working on my  MA ss2016 collection called „1986“,  the debut of which was at Belgrade Fashion Week in November 2015. The collection was inspired by the New Age Travellers community. British photographer Iain Mc Kell, in his editorial,  is vividly showing  the way of living what  New Age Travellers are presenting.


In „1986“ , their  post punk anti-Thatcher  movement moved from London to the English countryside. Over the years the New Age Travellers movement has evolved into what McKell describes as ‘a hybrid tribe of new gypsies’ and ‘present-day rural anarchists’, who, along with fleeting about the countryside, seem to regularly appear at festivals,  Glastonbury to name but one.

gala borovic fashion design

In my collection I am trying to put an emphasis on spontaneous  way of clothing.  That is the reason why  while I was planning what fabric I will be using, I tried to find as much textiles with prints in order to create an artistic feel of the whole story behind it. Clothing items are worn one over the other and since I made  a lot of handmade details I printed my sketches on a textile and embroidered them with sequins and pearls.


Parts of the shoes are handmade and produced in collaboration with Obućar Bane , the shoemaker’s . We did a whole process starting from a sketch which has led to the final piece. The other parts of the shoes are recycled, collated from the flea markets and eventually transformed into something suited to  the „1986“ collection”.


Editorial for the collection was photographed by: Milica Drinić

Model: Jelena Živanovic

Hair: Dragoljub Vujčić

Makeup: Maria Tothova