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Belgrade Workshop was founded in spring 2008. The basic idea was to unite designers from several areas. This idea was initiated by a group of students of fabric and clothing design, inspired by a fashion section of “Vienna workshops” (Wiener Werkstätte). Having respect for craft and art standards, we have managed to avoid banality and uselessness, and to create a product that unites the quality of manufacture and design with its applicability value. Although Belgrade Workshop tends to make peace between functional and artistic, we are acquainted with deeper research of the relations between artistic elements. Beside the basic works that, in style, belong to a kind of lyrical minimalism, toying with shapes, fabrics and details results in more liberal and artistically luxurious outcomes.

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“Belgrade Workshoper” is not determined by her age, profession or status, but by her own spirit and the ability to express through clothes she is wearing – she does not step back in front of daring designer solutions or in front of classic.

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Eurocentar, lokal 27
Dečanska 5 / Makedonska 30, 11000 Belgrade