Straight from the city of Rome to Belgrade brand new concept of electronic music party is coming. This event aims to connect artist, designers and DJS from the coolest cities in Europe, like Rome, Lisbon, London, Berlin and Belgrade. Get ready for a cultural exchange!

flyer reverse bosconi


We have recently talked about FATE and its goal to exit from Italy and share values among and with other countries in our previous article – – especially with Belgrade

This time, after a massive party at klub 20/44 hosting RESTORATION REC. showcase, this crew from Rome teams up again with the club 20/44 to organize a full weekend in Rome and Belgrade with BOSCONI RECORDS as part of FATE’S project and one of the most well known electronic Italian labels – they had recently a full showcase at BERGHAIN/PANORAMA BAR –

Tijana T will welcome Bosconi djs at the boat as one of the main representatives of the underground music scene in Belgrade.

As said in the previous article, Fate does not care only about music. This project looks properly at other forms of culture, as art.

During the first day in Rome, they will organize (with REVERSE PROJECT) a multidisciplinary Live contest to select the best artists to export in the next future to Belgrade in order to meet Serbian artists and start a kind of exchange program.

So, in a few words, there is more than one point to attend this event and follow what is going on!