If you ever get tired and hungry whilst enroute to discover the downtown Belgrade remember that Mezestoran Dvoriste is just round the corner, tucked away at the back of the residential buildings in Svetogorska street.  Located in the heart of the city, but very much hidden away from the city’s  hustle and bustle, this cute foodie spot offers a variety of Mediterranean specialties.

During the spring and summer visitors have an opportunity to wine and dine and enjoy the sounds of the guitar in this yard cossetted away from the centre. In this restaurant polite and pleasant stuff will introduce you to some delicious starters (meze-tapas) from the rich and diverse restaurant menu.  You could whet your appetite with a shot of local rakija or Greek metaxa  and then get a taster of some Pate Smoked aubergine with fresh cheese, Gambori with rice and saffron and Fresh mussels “Agio” in garlic sauce and wine and soon after you can move on to the main course.


Mediterranean cuisine belgrade

You could choose Black tagliatelle “Mare Monti” for two persons with fresh mussels, prawns, zucchini and cherry tomatoes or vegetarian mousaka or something from the meat selection as lzmir Kebab “Jaurtlu” according to the recipe from Smyrna (with beef and lamb meat) or maybe even the good old grilled steak.  To be honest, we loved absolutely everything. In the end we suggest adding  even more flavour to your meal with super delicious krempita and a glass of wine from Cretan wineries. Additionally, you might like to try some of the Balkan wines you haven’t had a chance to taste so far.

mezestoran dvoriste

In a nutshell, the restaurant Dvoriste offers a mixture of the finest Mediterranean cuisines: Greek, Italian, Spanish and the Middle Eastern.  Different spices and flavours, the olive oil from Crete, light salads and see food tapas will awake the true spirit of summer at the sea oblivious to the fact that you are actually sitting in the heart of Belgrade a few thousand kilometres away from the sea shore.


A very good location, pleasant and overwhelming but still unpretentious atmosphere, delicious food and rather affordable prices, what else can you wish for?

Address: 46 Svetogorska St. 11000 Belgrade


Working Hours:


9:00 AM – 12:00 PM