spice up shop 2

A brand new shop has been opened at Belgrade Design District in Cumic local 21. Spice Up Shop is a shop selling spices from around the world. An incredible selection of over 150 different spices, herbs, salt, pepper, chlli pepper and spice mixtures that many of us cannot but be impressed with.

spice up shop belgrade

Spice Up spices are the little supplements that make a big difference in nutrition. The idea was born with the desire to sell spices which are used in all the world’s great cuisines and international dishes. This is the very first store of the sort in the city of Belgrade.

Chili threads, rose buds, Himalayan salt with flowers, Ceylon cinnamon sticks. Spice Up or mix a small part of the offer of spices that contribute not only to taste but also the unique looks of any dish.

The complete range can be viewed on www.spiceup.rs and online shopping is also available.

Photos by Visnja Jovanovic from Designed