Hurry up and use the opportunity to enjoy  world-class jazz  performed by talented and sentimental Jelena Jovović, Vasil Hadžimanov and Oleg Kireyev! Three jazz concerts will take place in the restaurant “Amfora” on the banks of the Danube river. 

15.06. Jelena Jovović and the band (vocals)

Jelena Jovović is an exceptional Serbian vocalist and a jazz guru. She holds solo performances, workshops and lectures, creates musicals, and collaborates with prominent musicians from Europe, USA and Serbia including: Freak Power, Oliver Kent, Bob Mover, Mark Murphy, Johannes Enders, Steve Williams, Sheila Jordan, Andy Bey, Big Band RTS, Stjepko Gut, Duško Gojković, Bojan Zulfikarpašić, Vasil Hadžimanov…

22.06 Vasil Hadžimanov Trio (the piano). Birthday concert

The Vasil Hadžimanov Band celebrates 20 years on the music scene in 2017. They have produced six original albums, which won numerous awards, while their music is renowned as highly significant artistic endeavour in Serbia, from a national and cultural aspect. Vasil’s idea of combining the traditional Balkan folk rhythms with modern western music styles (jazz, funk, rock, world music…) in his music is completely authentic and represents a new approach to jazz music.

29.06. Oleg Kireyev Band (the sax)

Oleg Kireyev has been a popular jazz musician since 1984, and he has taken part in numerous international festivals since the 1990s. The author of many provocative and innovative jazz projects during a career spanning three decades, Oleg was described by “The Express Star” journal as a Russian sax player with the reputation of a virtuoso with a gift for hard swing and great excitement”. “Incredibly good”, “light and enthusiastic” “with a great sense of class and style” are phrases music critics have used to describe the sound of his sax. Some of the festivals where he has performed are: The London Jazz Festival, The Jazz Improv Festival of New York, and The Montreux Jazz Festival”. The legendary musician Bud Shank described Oleg’s performance as “a beautiful combination of genres which includes many players. I hear the echo of the 20s and John Coltrane in combination with unstructured jazz”. Oleg’s band “Orlan” performed in Nišvill, in front of tens of thousands of audience. He held a concert on Kolarac on May 17th 2017.

The concerts start at 9 pm. Tickets can be ordered by telephone +381 62 8447 294 or purchased at Eventim box office.

Restaurant “Amfora” Bulevar Nikole Tesle bb, Zemunski Kej