florian kupfer


Doo, Why Bane Why, Schwabe
Saturday 27/9 @ Drug§tore

There’s that scene we can all easily imagine – A person watering dozens of plants at home, whispering tender words. Just take that vibe and place it in a studio filled with machines with a dude capable of bringing the magic out of them. Although a newcomer with his debut being released last year, Florian Kupfer’s sounds seem somewhat ancient and coming from that common place of wisdom burried deep inside all of us, something Ron Morelli loves to hoard within his L.I.E.S. label. For all of you who love to put things in boxes, you can add one more name to your House box. Place it in the folder with other smeared, murky, dusky, gloomy files.

As someone who sang in a church choir for 6 years as a kid, Florian took that spiritual experience and used it to build up his own dance floor following in a very short time span. With his tools being both analogue and digital, stirred in the mind of the German fan of David Lynch, you can guess the outcome of Florian’s twisted time/space experiments. From House and Techno to Ambient, Florian Kupfer is offering much more than your usual 4/4 Saturday dinner. He is that resident DJ from your dreams. To top it all Florian Kupfer is in XLR8R’s „Artists To Watch“ list for 2014. So, come and watch!






SCHWABE (Disco Not Disco / Kompleks)
Schwabe is one of the founders of the infamous Disco Not Disco party series (with Toshke and DJ Brka) that has, since 2007, brought to Belgrade legends like: Beppe Loda, Baris K, Ron Morelli, Black Merlin, Ray Mang, Vidal Benjamin, Speculator, Lee Douglas, Tako, Daniel Wang… With another local legend, Lule, Schwabe is producing death disco music and making superb edits under the Kompleks moniker. Haunted Dancehall is another party series run by Schwabe. Having this affection for slow, dark and sexy tunes, Schwabe is one of Belgrade’s most talented dance floor whisperers, always triggering your inner fog machine.



DOO (Beyond House)
Initiator and a core member of “Beyond House” music collective and Belgrade based party night specialized in pure underground dance music with depth and soul. A true music lover and a vinyl collector, with a ten-year experience as a DJ, during which he went through many different music styles and had performances at countless clubs and festivals thought the country. Today, his sets are largely determined by the moment, the people and the space, but it can be said that he ‘walks’ on a thin line between house and techno, in an exquisite blend of the modern and the classic, with trips that often take him to other related styles and back.




WHY BANE WHY (Drug§tore)
Why Bane Why is a DJ, producer and resident of Drug§tore night club in Belgrade. Since he first started playing in 2008, Why Bane Why has kept his love for all the dark, soul-selling tracks with or without a beat, paying less mind to the genre but searching for that otherworldly feel. Both old obscure and recent releases have equal treatment in his sets so you can expect anything from tear-jerking darkwave, experimental, hypnotic ambient, to eastern flying carpet realness and ruthless techno. As a producer, Why Bane Why is part of Cadavre (with Schweine Grippe) and recently formed Beli Talas (with 33.10.3402, Dunduew and Marija Baludzic).




300 rsd before 00.00
400 rsd after 00.00

ADDRESS: Bulevar Despota Stefana 115 – Poenkareova
(first/last stop of buses: 33, 37, 48, 58)

MAP: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1487969211432901&set=a.1414849522078204.1073741827.1414847812078375&type=1&relevant_count=1