The third international festival FOREST FEST SERBIA, which is traditionally held at “Godfather’s Fountain” in natural monument “Ribnica”, near Mionica (Serbia), this year has gathered a large number of visitors, organizations, record labels and artists from Serbia and other countries. 

The festival lasted for five days and gathered campers and lovers of music, nature and art, who had the opportunity to enjoy walking in the woods, swimming in the beautiful river Ribnica, visiting Cave Ribnica and  many other beautiful sites.

Domestic and foreign musicians who were the main stars at “Forest dance floor “ performed music constantly. Beautiful trance melodies echoed in the hills  along with a unique fluorescent decoration. Acrobats, jugglers, violinists and artists had created a real experience of a forest fairy tale.

Visitors enjoyed in the innovative works of local and international artists and designers who exhibited and sold clothes, jewelry, artworks and handcrafts.

The festival hosted culinary experts from Egypt, Italy, England, France and Serbia who had  prepared a variety of exotic and traditional dishes.

The five-day forest spectacle attracted visitors, artists and projects from Russia, America, Britain, Egypt, Brazil, Belgium, India, Norway, Turkey, Italy, Slovakia, Sweden, Germany, Romania, Canada, Austria, Spain, Hungary, Bulgaria, Greece, Switzerland, Albania, Montenegro, Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and of course Serbia.

The festival is organized in cooperation with the Municipality of Mionica, with the support of the Tourist Organization of Serbia. FOREST FEST team is proudly announcing the 4th edition of the festival in 2018 with even richer program,  better production, more artists, projects and visitors from around the world as well as many beautiful surprises. For FOREST FEST SERBIA 2018 visit