On Thursday, June 8, village Paštrić in the town of MIONICA  will host FOREST FEST, a brand new festival in Serbia that gathers fans of music, art and nature throughout the whole region. 

This year the program will be very diverse. In addition to the main music program visitors will be able to enjoy in local and foreign cuisine, art performances, acrobatics,  shopping of  handmade jewelry, clothing, fashion performances and various tours  and cave expeditions. The festival officially begins on Thursday at 10:00 and ends on Monday at 19:00. All the details about the festival you can find on www.forestfest.rs

THURSDAY  08th June 2017                             

10:00h Festival area opening: Festival, Camp & Parking registration

13:00h SIGHTSEEING TOUR 1 а: Natural monument “”Ribnica””: Monastery of St. Peter and Paul, Ribnica cave, River Ribnica

15:00h SIGHTSEEING TOUR 1 b: Stone Museum in the village Paštrić

17:00h Volleyball, frisbee, soccer, swimming…

19:00h Back to the Camp

20:00h Forest Diner

22:00h Selling exibitions of paintings, jewelry, clothes, artworks…, workshops, lectures

00:00h Relaxation & sleep

FRIDAY  09th June 2017                    

09:00h Traditional “Face washing” at “Kumova česma” (“Godfathers Fountain”)

10:00h SIGHTSEEING TOUR 2 а: Natural monument “”Ribnica””: Lecture in nature: geological history and characteristics of the flora and fauna of this region

12:00h SIGHTSEEING TOUR 2 b: Along the river Ribnica, Saltpeter cave

15:00h Back to the Camp         

16:00h DJ Sleeper (Zeitlos (Italy) / Blue orb (USA) Serbia

18:00h DDJ Srle (Digital Nexus) Serbia

19:30h DJ Vlada (Digital Nexus) Serbia

21:00h DJ Shinto (Serbia)

22:30h Live act SIDE WINDER (JOOF rec. (UK)) Serbia

00:00h Live act BPM (BMSS (Germany)) Serbia

01:30h Live act RELATIV (Digital OM (India)) Serbia

03:00h Live act HYPNAGOGIA (Spacedock rec. (Croatia/Brasil) / Dimensional rec. (Belgium)) Serbia

04:30h Live act OXI (Timewarp rec. (USA)) Serbia

06:00h Live act TROPICAL BLEYAGE (Dacru rec.  (Belgium)) Serbia

07:30h DJ Electro Silver (Cybernatural) Serbia

09:00h DJ Srle (Digital Nexus) Serbia

11:00h Pause                                         

SATURDAY   10th June 2017                        

12:00h SIGHTSEEING TOUR 3 a: The house of Duke Zivojin Misic in the village Struganik

13:00h SIGHTSEEING TOUR 3 b: Swimming & relaxation at Vrujci

16:00h Back to the Camp                       

18:00h DJ Vlada (Digital Nexus) Serbia


21:00h Live act SARMATI (Cyber Zone Music (Sweden) / TECHNOKRATIA / TRANSSERBIA) Serbia

22:30h DJ Miloš (Chaotic Beats / Serotonin Drive) Serbia

00:00h DJ Pura (Zen.IT) Serbia

01:30h DJ Sale (Liquid & Solid) Serbia

03:00h DJ Stole (Xperiment) Serbia

04:30h DJ Askari (Dacru rec. / Belgium)

06:30h Live act E-MANTRA Goa (Suntrip rec. (Belgium) / Altar rec. (Canada)) Romania

07:30h Live act ELEUSYN (Meleusine rec. (Romania) / JOOF (UK)) Romania

08:30h DJ Cheda (Brooka Muzika) Serbia

10:00h DJ Eddy (Chaotic Beats / Serotonin Drive) Serbia

11:30h Live act NIGHT HEX (Suntrip rec. (Belgium)) Romania

12:00h Live act E-MANTRA Ambient (Suntrip rec. (Belgium) / Altar rec. (Canada)) Romania

13:00h LIVE FASHION SHOW: ALEKSANDRA DUENDE (Concept Bohemian Store) Serbia presenting exclusive Hippie & Bohemian collection “DAIRE”

14:00h Pause                     

SUNDAY  11th June  2017.                                 

14:00h SIGHTSEEING TOUR 4 a: Picturesque villages Ključ & Petnica, Petnica cave

16:00h SIGHTSEEING TOUR 4 b: Swimming & relaxation at Petnica swimming pool complex  

19:00h Повратак у камп

20:30h Volleyball, frisbee, soccer…

20:30h Forest Diner

21:30h Selling exibitions of paintings, jewelry, clothes, artworks…, workshops, lectures…

00:00h Relaxation & sleep

MONDAY 12th June 2017                                 

08:00h Forest Breakfast

10:00h SIGHTSEEING TOUR 5 a: The beautiful town of Mionica

12:00h SIGHTSEEING TOUR 5 b: Swimming & relaxation at Lepenica spa

16:00h Back to the Camp

17:00h Volleyball, frisbee, soccer, swimming…

19:00h Festival closing

TOURIST NOTE: All sightseeing tours are optional                           

NOTE: The organizer reserves the right to change the program due to unforeseen circumstances  

For residents (citizens) of EU and other foreign countries promotional price is 45 EURO and tickets can be purchased via link – http://bit.ly/forestfestickets. until 7th June. Ticket price includes a camping place at the riverside, free parking, access to the natural monument Ribnica and entry for all five days. On the entrance ticket will be 50 Euro.

For resident of Serbia, BIH, Macedonia and Montenegro ticket will be 2600 rsd until 7th June, and at the entrance will be 3000 rsd.

For all additional questions you can visit www.forestfest.rs