ghost of belgrade

I am a photographer from Turkey. Currently I live in Belgrade, Serbia

This is the first series of my somewhat unconventional idea. The bottom line was to present the city of Belgrade but one cannot help wondering how to go about that? Every city has its own story, image and  style but the most importantly – every city has its  own spirit. As a visitor, your eyes want to see the monuments, magnificent buildings, spectacular views and much more in already familiar places. Both from the other side and  from the inside alike , your soul wants to feel and be the part of the place where you are. What is behind the corner which you’ve just passed by? Is there anything  forgotten or  left out from your presentation about the city in this fast and urban style of life we live in? In this project, I have tried to bring you closer to the image of a number of  places in Belgrade. ”The ghost” in the photo is a running image which allows you to put yourself there and feel what it’ s like to be attentive to the intricacies and subtleties  of this charming  city Be the ghost, the wanderer, the explorer and let Belgrade find its place in your inquiring mind.

Translation support by Angloland 


ghost project 3
ghost project
ghost project 4
hgost project 2
Ozan Dogan