giuliano porcelli

Infinity fm, a bulgarian radio settled in East Europe, is very proud to have Giuliano Porcelli in ita schedule. He is the only Italian dj admitted and resident with his radio show “the Slot” which in this year has gained a lot of listeners better than the year before. On October the 30th 2013 it was the 2nd anniversary of “The Slot”. Every last Sunday of the month this show is the best show on the radio and the listeners are growing month by month. The staff of Infinity fm has decided to put the replays of the show every day till the day of the show, so that the listeners could listen to his music every day. This is an extract from an interview with Giuliano Porcelli: – This is the 2nd year on Infinity fm with my show “The slot”. I’m very glad to know that the staff is proud of me of my work and of my music. Also I’m very glad to know that there are a lot of people waiting for my live show, or writing a lot of letters on the social network telling all their love for my work. I have to thank you the radio because it’s making me more public and known. In 2011 “The slot” was only an hour show. The idea was to bring joy and happiness to people who wanted to relax after a day of work. And this was a success. Today I’m answering to the letters of my fans. It’s amazing listening to people from Italy, Uk, or U.S.A. that dance with my music. The show is international and live so I want continue this show for my fans due to give them good music and vibration .

On the 2nd anniversary Giuliano Porcelli presented his live set to all the fans and the people who follow his show “The slot”.