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There was something seriously missing in Belgrade: American cookies. After a visit to Ispeci pa reci pastry shop, I was delighted to find a great variety of American sweet treats: delicious cookies, brownies, American pies, carrot cakes, caramels, banana bread, and muffins.

Ispeci pa reci is situated in a very trendy part of the city, known as the Lower Dorcol (Serb. Donji Dorcol). This indeed unique pastry shop stands out with its appeal and wide offer of strictly American sweets. There are 9 types of cookies and several types of American pies on the menu. Since I’m a true chocoholic my favorite is the triple chocolate cookie and muffin with raspberries that literary melts in your mouth. The classic old good Carrot cake is always a delight, or maybe the ABSOLUTE best brownie in town (dare try it and get addicted!), which in combination with a cup of hot latte makes your palate go wild! And other senses as well! Even from afar you will feel and be totally drawn by the shop’s seductive fragrance of vanilla, coco and butter and you will hardly get out of it without treating yourself with a delicacy.


When it comes to the outside of the shop and the interior design, the owner, Senka Pajic drew inspiration from American pop culture TV series and music scene.

It’s a bit of Taylor Swift and a slice of Gilmore Girls says Senka, who had worked in marketing for many years before she decided to make her anti-stress hobby a full time job.  Since we bake relatively simple and rustic cakes – the emphasis is on the highest quality ingredients which you can feel in each bite.

You can visit this minute, a gorgeous pastry shop with your kids and enjoy your food while they’re swinging in the shop’s yard, listen to relaxing music, and indulge in each and every bite of Senka’s American sweets.

ispeci pa reci pastry shop

Address: 34 Gundulicev venac, Stari Grad, 11000 Belgrade