Guca 2004


Time: 8th to 28th of September 2014.

Oppening 8th Septembar 2014. at 19h

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Бартcелона, Belgrade Design District I floor

Imre Szabó, photojournalist since 1979. in  Ilustrovana Politika, Politika, Intervju, Nin, Danas, Fonet, Blic News… (after 1995 free lance), has maybe as Cartier Bresson or David Seymour the capacity to shoot the instant, the good one… not anyone, the decisive one, the maximum point of tension, of every event, every situation… and what he did in Guča Festival?

Guca 2004

Imre was working in this festival along 10 years, for Ilustrovana Politika (since 1979) as a photojournalist covering all aspects of the Festival, before, during, and after the main event. In 2004 came back and he tried to show the  “real” Serbian festival. Remembering the “Serious Photographs” from William Klein we can enjoy the result of many hours of enjoying music and dancing with the best crowd in world… “Serbian Woodstock” as he mentioned last year in Boston, where he presented his work.

Finally, now, on 2014, ten years after, Бартcелона Концепт have the privilege to present for first time in Europe the work of probably, one between the best Balkan photojournalist during Twentieth Century.