Lookin’ for records in Belgrade? We‘ve done a bit of research and we have discovered some quite handy  places where you can find both vinyl-old and new releases. In Belgrade you can buy records in antique shops, street vendors, markets and flea markets and records stores. We have chosen some good ones worth your while.

Let’s start with a famous Yugovinyl.  This store is a genuine treasure house for lovers of ex-Yugoslav music. All the records are second hand, bought from street vendors, collections, antique shops and from the internet.  Here you can find the most rare and obscure ex Yugoslav releases from pop, rock new wave to jazz but also the ones which were banned by the Communists back in the day.  Interesting one is a compilation Ex Yu Electronica. Go there and dig deep and you will find very interesting tracks for DJ sets and mixes.


“My favorite record shop in Belgrade is Yugovinyl.  I think I know the stock there better than the owner. Yugovinyl is more than just a record shop; it’s a cultural institution, a museum. It’s famous among the vinyl diggers all over the world. If you ever wanted any old Yugoslav record, the chances are you’ll find it there. It’s also a place where you can socialize and learn a lot about the alternative history of Belgrade, Serbia, former Yugoslavia. I only have words of praise for it” says DJ Brka for Still in Belgrade.

Address: Cetinjska bar district St. 11000 Belgrade 


Another one is Metropolis music bar and store located in Makedonska. This window like space is great to go and have coffee, attending live gigs at the weekend and searching for CDs and carefully selected new and old releases.  It’s definitely a place worth checking out.

Address: 21 Makedonska St. 11000 Belgrade 

leila record store

The last but not least is Leila a record shop and a bar situated in Gospodar Jevremova St. in the borough of Upper Dorcol. Here you can buy records, drink coffee during the day and enjoy DJ and live gigs during the night. Leila store has more than  10,000 titles, amongst which one can find rare items like the ex Yu jazz albums. The number of customers has increased significantly in recent years, and the reason lies not only in sound quality, but also in nostalgia value and the cardboard boxes they are stored in  that seem to have been fallen into oblivion and as if long forgotten. But then again there is  the fact that the value of the record increases with age. The most expensive record in their collection  is the first release of the album Miles Davis from 1967, which costs 200 euros.

Address:  6 Gospodar Jevremova St. 11000 Belgrade