Here is our guide to the best coffee shops in Belgrade. Since we are mainly oriented toward travelers and tourists, we will focus on coffee shops located in the inner city.

So, let’s start with Pržionica.

In the former industrial zone of Lower Dorćol stands Pržionica. A micro-roaster, a shop, and a coffee shop – all in one. Pržionica offers freshly roasted high-quality coffee. Their aim is to take care of all stages of the preparation of coffee, from the raw beans to the perfect cup of espresso. Guests can be a part of the whole process as everything is in the open and within easy reach. The specific method of medium roast frying gives more aroma and fuller flavor than classic dark roast. In addition to preparing espresso, they also offer other types of coffee: French press, air press, drip coffee and others. All coffee styles can be purchased in the bar.

przionica coffee shop
Photo by Mladen Savkovic

On Sundays, you can catch DJ sets by local and foreign guests.

Address: 59b Dobračina St., Lower Dorćol, 11000 Belgrade

Koffein Belgrade

One of our favorite coffee shops is definitely Koffein in Uskočka St, located next to the main pedestrian district. Apart from various types of coffee, and our favorite hot soya latte, this place has really cool interior design, a friendly atmosphere, and a nice yard where you can chill with your dog during summer. And yes, WiFi is excellent, so use it to work on your laptop while sipping low-caffeine coffee, so you actually won’t experience caffeine overdose while working.

Address: 8 Uskočka St. 11000 Belgrade

Address: 65 Cara Dušana St. 11000 Belgrade

kafeterija beograd

Another very trendy chain of coffee shops is Kafeterija. This gigantic coffee shop extends on four levels of the former Robna Kuća Beograd (the very first Belgrade shopping mall). This art nouveau architectural piece was designed back in 1907 by Viktor Azriel and represents a cultural asset of Belgrade. Kafeterija sells delicious coffee, pastries, and cold-pressed juices. The ground floor is a non-smoking area. The basement includes a barbershop.

Address: 16 Kralja Petra St. 11000 Belgrade 

 Address:  10 Žorža Кlemansoa St. 11000 Belgrade

  Address:  13 Zmaja od Noćaja St. 11000 Belgrade

  Address:   A Blok, 15 Uroša Martinovića St. New Belgrade

   Address:   32 Koče Kapetana St. Vračar

   Address:   13  Pariske komune St, Fonatna cinema, New Belgrade

   Address:   Airport Nikola Tesla, Gate A & C

Aviator is a lovely coffee shop in Gundulicev Venac. Primarily based on the idea of a daily coffee concept, it focuses on a variety of coffee-based beverages. You can drop by during the day and work on your laptop and drink 100% pure Nicaragua or a blend, or even a decaf (yes, it exists even in Belgrade).

 While you are walking around the historical area of the Lower Dorćol, don’t forget to visit the Museum of Science & Technology located just around the corner and learn about the evolution of technology.

Address: 59a Gundulicev Venac, 11000 Belgrade 

endorfin gastro bar

When you’re done shopping downtown, you can drop by Endorfin. A gastropub, beer shop, and a bar tucked away in beautiful Brace Jugovica street. The name says it all: it offers craft beer, nice coffee, delicious food, and a fine music selection. In the summer and spring, there is an outdoor garden where you can sit and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of the city.

Address: 3 Brace Jugovica St. 11000 Belgrade