helena hauff


On the 17th of January Drugstore club presents Helena Hauff from Germany.

From time to time, a performer so raw and sincere emerges and, if we are lucky, that soul decides to share the talent on stage with us. Helena Hauff, a DJ and producer from Hamburg is a resident of the legendary Golden Pudel Club where she runs Birds and Other Instruments party series.

Floating between Minimal Wave, Chicago House and banging Electro and Acid, where one genre accelerates each other is her martial art. She debuted with the ‘Actio Reactio’ release on Werkdiscs and has gained worldwide attention regarding her production ever since.
Phuong Dan and Vladimir Ivkovic are some of the names who preach the wisdom of the Book of Black with Helena Hauff on the German scene. She will add Drug§tore to her list of conquered venues on January 17th.




Tijana T, DJ an promoter who recently brought Gigi Galaxy, Vakula and Young Marco to Belgrade among many other artists

Vitanov, Beyond House member in charge for god-forsaken vibes

WhyBaneWhy, Drug§tore resident in love with chants and

TICKETS: info soon

ADDRESS: Bulevar Despota Stefana 115