homa bistro restaurant belgrade

You have probably heard about Homa, one of the most exquisite fine-dining restaurants in the city, which has become very popular not just with locals but also Scandinavian visitors. Today we represent to you a younger sibling of this unique place called Homa Bistrot. 

Since Homa has become such a success, the owners decided to take it one step further. So, they set up another restaurant that aims to appeal to different clientele. They envisaged a place that would attract those interested in Serbian domestic cuisine with an added twist of delicious contemporary flavors from all over the world and fit the fine-dining experience into a superb contemporary interior design of the whole place.

breakfast belgrade

We recommend that you start with a buffet breakfast offered from 8 am to 12:30 pm and continue experimenting with starters such as Crisp Rolls with Spinach and smoked cheese with aromatic yogurt dip or lamb kebab for lunch. For your main course, you can pick something from the “national and international treasure” section such as Spicy Roasted tripe and beef burger. Finally, don’t forget to indulge in a delicious dessert.

We recommend of course the yummy koh and something really delicious called  “flower pot” that will make your blood sugar run faster. That’s our favorite.

homa restaurant desserts

Address: 11 Nevesinjska St. 11000 Belgrade 

Make a reservation via +381 63 259 156 Viber/What’s up or email us on stillinbelgrade@gmail.com