There are numerous gardens, bars and rafts all over the city. You can have an after work drink or a warm up drink,  or catch a happy hour with your friends. We prefer places with lovely ambient, vibe and location, so we have selected a few cool bars and rafts you should definitely check out if you find time. 

ljutic   LJUTIĆ

Ljutić represents a hidden gem situated behind a well know theater Atelje 212. It includes a cozy and colorful garden with swings. Prices are descent and the ambient is very lovely. Definitely, Ljutić is one of the nicest gardens in the entire city.

Location: Stevana Sremca 5, 11000 Belgrade




Blaznavac is one of those popular places in the Upper Dorćol area. The garden is always crowded and you can catch some dj nights.  Cocktails, music and the locals everything is here. Definitely, Blaznavac is one of the most popular gardens in the city centre.

Location: Knjeginje Ljubice 18, 11000 Belgrade



Hidden in the ruins of  the Savamala area-now known as the “Creative District” of Belgrade. Bašta has it all: jazz, fine cocktails, perfect location, design, romance  and the organic restaurant in the building just next to the bar.

Location: Male Stepenice 1a, 11000 Belgrade

Mon – Sun14:00 – 02:00 kalemegdanska tersa


Kalemegdanska terasa is located at the fortress itself. The view is wonderful and it represents a bar and a restaurant. It’s well-known Belgrade place and it’s not cheap. It looks like a lounge situated in this very fine venue. You can eat everything from Asian and Sea food to Vegetarian.


Location: Mali Kalemegdan BB, 11000 Belgrade

Mon – Sun12:00 – 02:00



Brodić is one casual raft on the Sava river. It offers nice sunset, Moritz Ise ice cream, nice pizza and beer. You can drop by this boat on your way to Ada island while riding a bicycle.

Location: Savski kej, 11000 Belgrade  

Mon – Sun: 10:00-01:oo kota 70


This place is also raft on the Sava river. It is located in Blok 70 in New Belgrade. It’s a nice place for chilling on the river, eating salads, pasta, soups and drinking mocha.  If it starts to rain, just enter  inside and enjoy nice interior.

Location: Savski kej, 11000 Belgrade