national museum art masks

Masks with depictions from the National’s Museum art collection have become a trend among the visitors and citizens of Belgrade. In fact, those items are the reason for the line in front of the museum that extended all the way to Vasina street. Depictions are inspired by art pieces of Ivan Mestrovic, Sava Sumanovic, Albrecht Dürer, Jan Brueghel the Elder, Vasily Kandinsky, Alexander Archipenko, Pete Mondrian, etc.

The senior curator, Lidija Ham Milovanovic, explains that after the outbreak of the pandemic, like most institutions, museum experts were forced to temporarily close the exhibition space and adapt to the new way of working, as well as to introduce security measures so that the risk of spreading the infection would be lower when the museum opens its doors again.

We would like to believe that at the essence of the demand for our masks is the memory of a visit to the National Museum and a personal connection with the selected exhibit – says Lidija Ham Milovanović, senior curator of the National Museum in Belgrade

as stated for Danas

According to her, the director of the National Museum, Bojana Borić Brešković, in addition to providing disinfection of the exhibition space and the purchase of devices for hand disinfection, came up with the idea of ​​finding protective masks with depictions from the National Museum’s collection in the souvenir shop.

The masks were first worn by the employees of the museum, and after the opening of the exhibition space, the interest of the visitors grew, only to culminate during the past week with an incredible distribution.

Information from the museum’s Facebook page that the masks arrived again with photos of the last series, resulted in lines in front of the souvenir shop that stretched all the way to Vasina Street and completely sold out the last series of masks in two days.

Ham explains and adds that, on the last occasion, offered visitors twenty different designs.

Affordable prices and a large selection of masks that are intended for multiple uses are also important for the exceptional interest of citizens. That is why the National Museum believes that an institution like theirs should not profit from the accident that befell the entire society, in the hope that wearing regular masks can make it at least a little interesting.