kc grad


Moda za poneti or in Eng. Takeaway Fashion is a famous fashion and shopping event that takes place in KC Grad over 3 days. The next one you can visit is in December.

Each month more than 30 young Belgrade designers and  brands present their latest fashion clothing items at the “Takeaway Fashion” event. Here people can find many cool and nicely designed items such as: vintage sunglasses, T-shirts with prints, quirky dresses and crazy shaped skirts, hats, scarves, leather and cotton bags and many different accessories. The items tend to be unique and made of good quality materials. Also, the prices are pretty decent. And, of course you can always haggle with the vendors if you re into that sort of thing and if you happen to know the ropes as to how to haggle that is. The event itself is  lots of fun, even if you are not in a spending spree,  you can just bring  your friends or your dog along and have a glass of wine and enjoy the good music and vibrant atmosphere. The atmosphere is really warm and everything is in vivid colours and picturesque, and with New Year’s Eve and Christmas coming any time soon,  it’s a really great opportunity to buy interesting presents for your family and friends.

Location: KC Grad, 4 Braće Krsmanovića St. Savamala, 11000, Belgrade

Website: www.gradbeograd.eu

Photos by Marija Velinov