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The overwhelming trend of setting up “design” and artisan ice cream parlours seems to have taken hold of Belgrade too. We might be a few years behind compared with the capitals worldwide, but their range is becoming wider here as we speak. 

It all started with the ice cream brand called Moritz Eis, founded by an Austrian entrepreneur and a mogul of marketing –Moritz. This small scale producer is based in Serbia and it produces limited quantities of 100% organic ice cream made of local fruits and vegetables. After their promising start, their founder expanded his business and established a chain of ice cream shops in Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Chile and Romania. Moritz Eis offers a wide range of flavors, from traditional  ones to mouth watering mixtures such as: dark chocolate and candied fruit jelly, cherry and yoghurt, Viennese mochaorange and ginger, etc…Ice creams are exquisite in taste  and additive-free

Location: 9 Vuka Karadžića St , 11000 Beograd

crna ovca

Parlour Crna ovca (Black sheep) is located in the popular retail district 58 Kralja Petra Street and 45 Njegoseva St., Crna ovca offers  a range of delicious artisan ice creams. One can taste some rich flavors like canduja (chocolate and hazelnut) and then a very quirky one made of kajmak. Alternatively one can pick and choose one of those fruit galore ice lollies.

On a similar note, as of recent I have discovered one ice cream parlour at 15 Cara Lazara St. Sapore sells Italian ice cream and tasty cakes made of ingredients such as peanuts and olive oil, which are perfect as birthday and wedding gifts.

True gourmets might also like to visit a candy shop Mandarina

Ispeci pa reci

and the already well populated ones Bacio and Ispeci pa reci as well.