On the 1st of August, Mexican artist Huan Pablo Delgado Berman will present his work “Imaginary memories” at Blok galerija, New Belgrade, Jurija Gagarina 221, Blok 45.



“Imaginary Memories“ is a new photo project of a young Mexican artists Juan Pablo Delgado Berman.

The photo series consists of 20 color and black/white pictures, taken with 35 mm film and digital camera in places like Canada, Germany and Serbia.

In this very intuitive work, artist’s personal  stories and experiences become something with which spectators can be related. Inner travels to the world of dreams and memories could be universal for anyone.  This images are not only a small stories but also they are puzzles in which the viewer becomes an active participant in imaginary history.

Artist reveals this hidden side of our imagination by combining photographed image and using a variety of interventions, some of them painterly  and the other purely photographic, creating a visual language of fragmented moments.

This work method  formed of using color and some organic materials, or some photographic manipulation like blurry/not well focus image, works  as a reminiscence of a moment that is  gone but remains somehow in our visual subconscious, in our memory, becoming in this way a human experience.

This way of working requires a longer contemplation and constant attention to bring each of prints to life. As a result, each image is created with its own distinct emotional landscape through shifts made in color, tonal range, and depth.

“Imaginary Memories“  is more than ordinary aesthetic experience, it leads us to far more complex vision; bringing a sense of connectivity, beauty, introspection and poetic narrative of human’s imagination.


Marija Konjikušić*

*Born in 1978 in Belgrade, where she still lives and works. Graduated from the Department of Art History at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade. She’s been in the field of photography for the last 15 years