furniture design

Commercial Bank and the Faculty of Applied Arts
invite you to attend the opening of the exhibition
“Interior design and furniture “
Wednesday , 5th March, at 5 pm,
Kombank Art Hall,
Makedonska 29 , 11000 Belgrade

A new exhibition of FPU students at Kombank Art hall

How should the Cultural Center on the  Sava river in Belgrade or plateau in Mike Alasa street look like?  What about the  interiors in the student dormitories? This visions of students of the Faculty of Applied Arts, will be presented at the exhibition “Interior design and furniture “, which will be open on Wednesday , the 5th of March, at 5 pm , in KomBank Art Hall in 29 Makedonska street.

Visitors will be able to see the best works of students of Faculty of Applied Arts  in the last five years . The dynamism of modern life and the speed of change inspired students in the fields of interior design , furniture , as well as smaller urban spaces. 19 works and ideas will be presented, among them: appearance of plateau in Fruskogorska street , preliminary design for connecting Kalemegdan park with the Great War Island, the most practical dining table and other futuristic , but above all – useful ideas .

The exhibition will be open until the 18th of March , from 8 am to 8 pm. Admission is as always free of charge.