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Dassive is a young organizer of several events in and around Amsterdam. After 5 years of DJ’ing he decided to realize club nights on his own. He organized the monthly Verlichting/Enlightenment nights in the Sugarfactory, Into the Wild in the Barkode and with his new concept called “Push” he is pushing upcoming talents in the right direction. With podcasts and club nights Dassive has a passion for sharing quality music throughout the world. His style is variating from grooving deep house to funky energetic tech house, he adjusts easily on the vibe of the night and immediately grabs the atmosphere and plays around with a lot of hands in the air as a result. He has played at Woodstock69, SugarFactory, Studio80 and Barkode to name a few. We will hear him at Belgrade Dance Conference promo party What is on your mind!? 14th September on Saturday in KC Grad/Belgrade.

What is the first thing that pops on your mind when you hear clubbing, Belgrade, Serbia?

A new experience which I can’t wait for. Really looking forward to explore the nightlife of Belgrade. Heard a lot of great stories.

How would you describe yourself as an artist? Introduce yourself to “Still in Belgrade” readers? 

I would describe myself as a pure music lover. If there are only 10 or 1000 people I play for, I still enjoy every kick till the very ending. I love to play with samples along the tracks to maintain interaction with the audience. Since I started organizing events myself my love for entertaining people only grew more and more.

What is so far most favorite event you have played on? Why?

It was one of my very first gigs 5 years ago on a beautiful beach club called Woodstock69. I always wanted to play there and eventually the owner gave me 30 minutes to show if I could do it. 3 hours later I had a full crowd enjoying and from that moment I realized that I would go on with this for a while!

What do you expect from Belgrade Dance Conference?

I am curious how this city would react to it. I am happy to be part of the plan and I am looking forward to meet like-minded people in Belgrade. The idea behind this conference is great and I hope the pilot will be a succes so we can work on expanding this.

Amsterdam Dance Event from your point of view?

The perfect example of multiple organisations working together on so many different levels of entertainment. I am very lucky that I was born in Amsterdam haha.

Tell us more about Dassive entertainment, please.

I started with my studies event management almost 3 years ago. I started straight away with reading all the books and quickly discovered that the main key of event management is making and maintaining connections. So I started up this one-man company with the intention to give out business cards and do professional booking as an artist. But my plan first was to start organising after my studies until a friend offered me to try to organise an event within 8 days. It was still my first year but I couldn’t resist organizing it because I wanted to play at that club for a long time. I started my event called Enlightenment and it was packed. From that moment on I knew it: Playing at your own event seeing all your friends dancing and enjoying is one of my favourite things to do!

How would you describe your sets?

Everything that has a soul in it I play. I played from jazz to techno but lately I’m looking more for a minimalistic dark tech house sound with deep grooving bass lines.

Your note to readers of “Still in Belgrade” and visitors of Belgrade Dance Conference?

I am looking forward to share my experiences with you in Belgrade. See you soon!