LYDMOR & BON HOMME are performing in Belgrade on the 31st of October in the space of KC Grad. The concert starts at 23h. Admission costs 600 RSD. Therefore, we are presenting a short interview with them and see what they have in store for the Belgrade audience.


MjuzNews: You both have projects besides Lydmor& Bon Homme but what part of your ambition do you think does this cooperation complete?

Lydmor: I have collaborated with a number of different artists over the past years, but this is the first time I have taken the step further to make a real band. I feel like there is a source of inspiration between Tomas and me, which I have to explore further. When we get round to making music, the magic happens. I know it sounds horribly hackneyed, but that’s how I feel.

Bon Homme: most of all, my ambition is to make great music always. When I met Lydmor, I got an outlet for a lot of the melodies that did not match well with a male voice. I think I have always made some quite girly melodies, but a lot of them didn’t  seem to make sense when I took to singing  them. So when I heard Lydmor sing with me the first time, I knew i wanted to make an album with her. She has a perfect voice and a gripping stage charisma.  On another note, Whomadewho is more macho, this is my outlet for all my more melodic and soft stuff. And finally I get to play the drums live:)

MjuzNews: Berlin, Paris, Barcelona, Gent, Ljubljana, Copenhagen… How’s it going with the tour? Who are the best hosts you’ve had so far?

Lydmor: We are really grateful for the amount of shows we’ve already booked, so soon after launching our duo. No sooner have we released our album than do we get to play every weekend these days or so it seems in amazing places in Europe.

Right now, the show that comes to mind is the first show on our tour in Hamburg, Reeperbahn Festival. It was the first time we have played after we launched our band, which was such an amazing feeling to finally ‘see’ the music we have made ‘blossom like a cherry tree’ before us, and the audience taking it in so beautifully.

Bon Homme: the tour is going great. I am still learning how to play the drums while singing, while playing the synth, while turning the knobs, while looking cool. So unsurprisingly there is a lot of chaos but also a lot of ecstatic memorable moments. And I love watching Lydmor daintily nip around all over the place. It is so easy to play it safe, tedious and drawn out when you play electronic music live. We prefer to play it live and risky. People love to see and hear the  faults and flaws in the music. That’s  where it genuinely comes to life.

Bon Homme og Lydmor --- Photo Morten Rygaard All copyrights (1) 1800.jpg.crop_display

MjuzNews: What does your Live setup include? How many instruments?

Lydmor: I have a synth that plays from my computer, I get a signal from Bon Hommes setup that I use to change the sounds I play to go with the songs, and I also run visuals in the same system.

Bon Homme: It’s a small setup, so we can travel and play everywhere. I have sampled all the drum sounds from the album and I get to play them live on a spd-x (sort of an electronic drum kit). That’s a lot of fun. and makes it very live. Then I use ableton live to play some backing tracks, and a huge programming of an APC-40 to f*….. them up big time. I also play the synth with my right hand sometimes. Later i also want to bring some more drums and my glockenspiel.

MjuzNews: Can you tell us something about your favorite places in Copenhagen?

Lydmor: There’s a bar called Drone. It’s a dirty smelly sweaty place, where people go to smoke drink and dance until the morning. They play really good, retro, alternative music and there is a friendly atmosphere of “everybody knows everybody”. A dangerous place, in a wonderful way 🙂

Bon Homme: I love the area where I live, just around a legendary kiosk called “Khiosk” named after a tin tin cartoon. Some call it the hipster epicenter of Copenhagen ha ha. Definitely a lot of full beards around that place. People hang out, play soccer and drink cold beers in the summer. In its vicinity there is a sunset bar called Riga. That one also comes in handy for an evening spritzer.


MjuzNews: What would you like to see or do in Belgrade? This is sort of a tip for your hosts here. 

Lydmor: My favorite thing to do when in a new city is to find one of those cafés where locals hang out and drink coffee. Being surrounded by people reading newspapers, having meetings and going about their daily lives is such a quick way to get a feel for the place you are in. Every city has that bar/café that is like a shared living room for the people coming there. I’d like to find that of Belgrade.

Bon Homme: I want to eat local food!! And drink local alcohol.

MjuzNews: Please , do invite dancers to your concert at KC GRAD with one song which is NOT yours.

Lydmor: Haha, right now I really feel like saying the song “Talking body” by Tove Lo. I was in the bus yesterday and I put it on in my headphones, and I just couldn’t stop dancing in my seat. People gave me somewhat weird scrutinizing looks.

Bon Homme: Tina Turner: ‘What’s love got to do with it.’ It’s a sexy groove.