The 12th Science Festival will welcome visitors from across the region, introducing a range of
exhibitions, experiments, shows and workshops on a unique journey through Future Earth from November 29 
until December 2 at the Belgrade Fair!

Science centre AHHAA, the biggest and oldest science centre in the Baltic States will be part of the
the international festival program with their presentation of science theater “Wondrous Water”.
Where did water come from is first thing visitors will find out. Of course, scientists from this centre are
not going to stop there, so they will create water, show how wondrous such a simple substance actually
is. Considering the nature of this science theater show, visitors will also see a surprising amount of fire
and explosions in Hall 5, at Belgrade Fair.

You’re becoming regulars at our festival? What’s the best thing that keeps you coming to Serbian
Science Festival?

AHHAA has been coming to Serbian Science Festival for many years now. The best thing is spreading
knowledge and showing that science can be fun and entertaining. We are all about that. So reaching the
Balkan audience is a big deal for us.

How would you present yourself to those who will meet you at the Serbian Science Festival for the
first time?

For those meeting us for the first time – our science show is going to be full of energy and you will get to
know things you didn’t know before. That’s where our name comes from: AHHAA (the sound you make
when you find something out). Also, be ready to come to the stage with us to be a volunteer in an

And what can you say to those who already know you? What are all these new experiments you’ll
bring us this time?

Each year AHHAA sends different people to do a science show, to have more variety for you. We are not
trying to build up more tension to top last year’s show, instead we will show you a different angle that
you haven’t seen from us. We don’t want to warn you about our experiments but we’re sure they will
“blow you out of the water”!

What’s the most interesting thing about Wondrous Water?Our goal is to show you that such a regular thing like water, that we usually don’t think much about, can
be interesting by itself.

Can you share with us some water-related fun facts?

About 70% of the human brain is water, so if you think about it, right now it is like water is talking about

What’s the craziest thing you’ll do on our stage this time? Or one of the craziest things?
The craziest thing could be making water burn.

How do you imagine the “Future Earth” (that’s the theme of 12th Serbian Science Festival)?

In the Future Earth, education is accessible for everyone and it is possible to go to school in every corner
of the world for people of all ages. The schools need to be of certain quality of course.

What would be your advice – what can each of us do to make a small change and lead us closer to that
vision of Future Earth?

We would also hope that there will be enough clean water for every person on the Future Earth. When
you get inspired by something – share it. If it’s science or art or animals, share your experience and your
knowledge. That’s how we create a community that is more aware.


Working hours of the festival: from 10 am until 7 pm

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