svetlana jovanovic art

After studying Psychology at the Belgrade University, Svetlana Jovanović moved her interests to photography and entered the Royal Academy in Hague, Department of Photography, Netherlands.
At the first glance Svetlana’s photos are quite simple , with a wistful and hazy atmosphere, associated with the cold northern winter landscapes and the meager light. Models on the photos seem unconcerned, but looking through the viewer they are actually intrigued and drawn into the different story that takes place in their own minds.

svetlana jovanovic photography

Svetlana puts her models in a simple, but slightly erotical clothes thereby approaching fashion photography. However, the deeply disturbing cold bursts out from images and suggestive, but in the same time simple poses of models clearly classified Svetlana’s photos as art. Her works also highlight author’s knowledge of the human psychology by placing the model in a certain pose and adding specific equipment; Svetlana creates the complex story, a single portrait. Without the desire for sensationalism, often disturbing and bizarre details occur, which, however, have quite rightly place in the deliberate composition.
After the exhibitions in Amsterdam, Ljubljana, Belgrade, Los Angeles, London and Milan, Svetlana certainly has entered the global photography scene.

More information about the artist you can find on her official website