nevidljivi grad

Screening of the documentary film In/Visible City, as part of the NKSS campaign Culture in Protest.

Free entrance!

November, 2nd at 19.00h

DAH Theatre, Marulićeva 8, Belgrade 

The texts were created on bases of the research of the history, documentary materials, testimonies, demographical and social structure of the cities in which the project took place, conducted by the In/Visible City creative team.

The main goal of the project In/Visible City was to make the multi-ethnic structure of the cities in Serbia and the richness of different ethnic cultures more visible. To re-discover what has become hidden, even though it has been part of our culture for centuries.

Through the performances in the public buses, that “told” the multi ethnic history of the cities, through a cultural exchange-barters and round-tables about inter-ethnic tolerance, a Calendar for the year 2008, in which each month is inspired by the culture of one ethnic community, through a documentary film about the project and travels of DAH Theatre Research Centre around Serbia, we wanted to contribute to the normalization of relationships between different ethnic communities. We want to contribute toward the development of a civil society that is based on tolerance.

Through these activities we remind that our culture, history, state and everyday life is inter-weaved with the influence of different cultures and that the cities in which we live today have been created by the work and creativity of the citizens that lived there, regardless of their ethnic origin.

The positive reactions of the audience and public affirmed that this action was much needed by the citizens of Serbia.

Organization: Suzana Tasić Anović

Evaluation: Jelena Mićić

Documetary film “In/Visible City”, montage and direction: Nenad Miladinski


Dušan Mirković, Eveline Costa i Nenad Miladinski