On Saturday, 21st of March our beloved techno cathedral Drugstore is hosting  J.T.C. AKA James T. Cotton AKA Tadd Mullinix. He will play together with Tijana T and Vitanov.  Follow on FB


Pour some acid in the soup, honey.
J.T.C. has been releasing gold for labels such as: Nation, Crème Organization, Spectral Sound, Minimal Rome etc.
He’s been DJing professionally and producing since the mid 90s. In 1999 Mullinix moved from the Detroit area to Ann Arbor to work at Todd Osborn’s infamous record shop, Dubplate Pressure. Soon thereafter Mullinix became one of the first artists to sign to Ghostly International/Spectral Sound. After meeting Melvin “Traxx” Oliphant during his residency at Ghostly’s Untitled events, they collaborated and realized an approach to dance music which Traxx coined Jakbeat: a raw and multi-styled dance music that draws inspiration from Ron Hardy, Liaisons Dangereuses, and Larry Heard, among others. Traxx launched label, Nation, and lead with JTC and D’Marc Cantu (2AMFM) in a sound that was in stark contrast to the slick and tempered sounds of contemporaneous minimal techno and tech-house. After releasing music on Nation, Creme Organization, and many others, Mullinix launched his own label, Bopside (2014). The label was founded with the intent to release a variety of his own special projects and collaborations.

J.T.C. DJ mixes:






Tijana T is back from Berlin with thoughts to share. She is one of the few Serbian DJs with an international reputation who recently brought Gigi Galaxy, Vakula and Young Marco to Belgrade among many other artists and collaborated as a vocalist with Abe Duque, Marc Houle and Gebrüder Teichmann.

Once you get there, wake up Vitanov, the phantom of Drug§tore, from his Beyond House dream.