The “Cultural Initiative” association and the Student’s Cultural Center present a series of concerts – “Jazz stories with Oleg Kireyev.”

Jazz stories consist of concerts and short essays about music, great performers, meetings and impressions narrated by Oleg Kireyev, before the performance of his quartet or quintet.

Immersion into the jazz will begin with the “Golden Era of Jazz” program. The epoch, covering the period of around 1934-1946, is associated with the peak of the popularity of large orchestras. This melodious, dance and romantic music performed by large orchestras, is familiar to the most of us because of classic black and white movies of the mid-20th century. Nightclubs and  dance floors of those times were dancing to this music.

Yes, there was a time when jazz was fantastically popular. When everywhere people were dancing only to the jazz, when it was public’s favorite music, regardless of the age. This time is called – The Golden Era of Jazz, and eminent musicians who went down in history of world’s culture became the “nobility” of this Era.

Duke Ellington – is  the greatest American composer,  according to the opinion of many music historians. He is the author of countless compositions that have become jazz standards. He was the leader of the orchestra, which became a benchmark for a big band. The owner of the highest governmental awards of several countries. The ” Grand Duke” of jazz.

Count Basie – The “Count” Basie is one of the most significant figures in the history of jazz. He was a creator of his own, absolutely unique and recognizable style as a pianist, and the director of one of the most impressive jazz orchestras on the planet.

Coleman Hawkins is one of the world’s jazz pillars, the most famous American performer who played tenor sax, who has achieved a worldwide fame and won the trust of thousands of followers.

The saxophonist Oleg Kireyev and the best jazz musicians of Belgrade, will show the audience an extraordinary program full of real drive. The magic of swing, luscious improvisations, original ideas and unexpected experiments are waiting for the jazz fans . The famous jazz musician from Russia, the nominee for the Grammy Award, whose albums are released in the US and rated among the top 100 according to the version of American jazz radio stations – Oleg Kireyev, invites spectators with children to the concert! Do not worry that children will get bored or will not understand jazz music! The “Golden Era of Jazz” program is oriented towards the audience of 6+.

A wonderful evening, lots of hilarious and entertaining musical stories, top-notch jazz and great atmosphere – all this on February 23 during Oleg Kireyev’s author’s program – “Jazz stories”, in the Student’s Cultural Center.