art weekend belgrade

Art Weekend Belgrade is a four-day event that takes place in multiple locations in and around Belgrade and aims to promote the local contemporary art scene. The program consists of specially curated exhibitions in galleries, a conference, organized guided art tours.For more than two decades, the art scene of Serbia and therefore of Belgrade has been beyond the reach of the international audience.

Date: 10-13 October, 2019

dim belgrade
DIM, Belgrade

Despite decades of isolation, very complicated social and political circumstances, the scene certainly existed and was developing modestly but steadily. With the development of the independent scene, the opening of many independent cultural centers, galleries and art venues that have maintained and developed the contemporary art scene from the late 1980s till today, and with the reopening of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade has become a kind of creative hub.

X Vitamin, Belgrade

25 locations: Gradska galerija, U10, Remont, Zvono, Novembar, Rima, TransformArt, Blatobran, X Vitamin, Minipogon, Laufer, DIM, Polet ………..

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