Deli Monday is a popular weekly event which takes place at Culture Centre Grad in Savamala. On Monday, February 20th starting from 7 pm KC Grad will host Iva Farm & Trinity who will cook for the attendances. As always admission is free of charge, however the price of the food coupon costs 150 RSD. 

The bio-dynamical farm IVA farm from Jalovik and the company Trinity Inc. work as a cooperation to promote fresh, high quality organic and bio-dynamical products and gourmand catering through our online shop and the presence at Kalenic market on weekends as well as different art projects like installations and exhibitions connected to the protection of our environment.

This unforgettable taste of Vegan and Vegetarian food you can experience at the Delikatesni ponedeljak on the 20th of February where we will give you the opportunity to support volunteers house and stable constructions for future Serbian family  settlements on the farm as well as our home delivery business, in order to spread a healthy living and lifestyle in Serbia.