This year’s education program is formed of eleven workshops which will take place in cultural centre ‘’Dom Omladine’’ in period from 21.6. to 27.6.2014.

Workshops are intended for students from high schools and faculties, and all which would like to participate in these workshops should send their CVs and short motivational letter  to e-mails: and In the title of e-mail it is necessary to emphasize for which workshop you are applying. Deadline for submission of applications is 15.6.2014.

Strategic planning

This workshop shall be led by members of ESTIEM group from the Faculty of organizational sciences. All participants of workshops will be known with current position of culture in Belgrade as well as with the overview of current state of visits of cultural institutions. After detailed analysis of the situation, participants of the workshop of strategic planning will be familiarized with basis of SWOT and PEST analysis. In practical part of this workshop participants will be divided into groups and each group will have a task to apply WOT and PEST analysis regarding cultural institution which will be given to them. After this, each group will suggest their solutions and ideas so they would think of a strategy for future development together, as well as strategies of access which later will be forwarded to cultural institutions which were analysed during this workshop.

Event and project managements

Workshop of event management will be led by young experts in this area which are also members of organizational team of Belgrade art week. Goal of this workshop is to familiarize participants with theory bases of organizing an event, but to provide them with practical examples where they will try to write a project and realize it. During this workshop participants will learn how to use their ideas to create a product which later will be placed into market. Our wish is to teach young students ways how to they create their professional career in the area of event management. Workshop will be organized in ‘’Dom Omladine’’ cultural centre 21.6. -22.6. in period 14-18h.


Workshop photography will be conducted by young photographers Nemanja Stojanovic and Marko Radojkovic which together form ‘’Umbrella’’. Workshop will last for three days, with first introduction class and familiarization with technics of photography, characteristic cameras and basis of photography. Second class shall be organized outside where students with moderators will be able to solve tasks which shall be previously defined. Third class is related to postproduction, where the students of workshop will be familiarized with bases of photograph processing in Photoshop. Workshop will be maintained in ‘’Dom Omladine’’ cultural centre 23.6.-24.6.2014.

Music workshop

Professors from studies of Master Blaster ( will conduct a workshop in which all the participants will try to create music. Music is universal language and it can overcome all differences in every moment. During workshop the moderator will, along with participants share his experiences, and all participants will have the opportunity to improve their knowledge in practice.

Usage of the lights in theatre

With cooperation with Yugoslavian acting theatre within BNU it will be organized workshop which will be conducted by Svetislav Calic. In this workshop participants will be familiarized with technique of usage of theatre lights and with news from theatre art.


Like it happens each year, this year there will be organized dancing workshops within BNU which have the aim to promote and present to citizens different styles of street dance. Streetculture is interesting to lot of people and it has a huge presence in music videos of world super stars and commercials of enormous companies. But on the other hand, street culture is unfamiliar and unexplored. The idea of these workshops, led by great young dancers, is to animate the youth and interest them into this type of art.

This year, there will be six workshops in the period from 21.6 to 27.6 in cultural centre ‘’Dom Omladine’’ :

B-bon workshop will be conducted by Andjelko Pavlovic.

Hip-hop freestyle will be conducted by Nikola Planika

Hip hop choreographies will be conducted by Milica Jovanov

Popping & Locking workshop will be conducted by Nikola Gavrilovic

Weaving & robotic workshop will be conducted by Aleksandar Lazarevic

Jazz ballet will be conducted by Natasa Gvozdenovic