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Katarina (piano, vocal) and Ljubica (violin, vocal) Duo that performs original music that is characterized by a fusion of classical, jazz and Balkan rhythms including electro swing and experiments of acoustic and electronic sound.

Main idea and inspiration of this Duo is to share emotion through ‘pulses’ of rhythms and motives. Different nationalities and Balkan ‘zone’ is something what inspires them and the country where they coming from is something what you can hear in their music as a huge influence of that inspirational mosaic of harmonies. Through oriental sound, what makes this jazz / classical / fusion style unique is their connection with electro sound and constant experimenting with it. Project with the Producer Vid Marjanovic, called ‘Experiment II’ was an amazing story for ‘modern fairytale’ that modern music era brings.  Together they were connecting tradition, acoustic sounds, with sounds from nature and explosion of beats and live sounds coming from moment. Katarina and Ljubica share on interesting way passion for connecting it and showing that there are most gorgeous and different ways for making great emotion, no matter which style characterize the music you listen.

At the moment, projects with producers, DJs and VJs are main inspiration for this duo and regarding that, project which can be expected soon. Connection of classical and modern music era is about to come. Stay tuned!