One of the central events of the sixth birthday of KC Grad will be the live set of one of the most talented new producers from Berlin – Rampue. Date: 11.04.2015 at 23 h 

Before midnight entrance is free, and after midnight ticket will be 300 RSD. Daniel Kraynak is a person who has been researching into the world of music, but at the same time his another important side is a great positive energy at the dance floor. Probably the easiest way to describe his sound is to say that is the sound of the city from which he comes – city of Berlin. In his rhythms and melodies you can hear the sound of the summer matinee fun at one of Berlin’s canals, minimal house from the Panorama Bar in the morning, vocals and sounds from the Turkish kebab shop in Kreuzberg or just feel the freedom and size of Alexanderplatz. We do not have much opportunity to hear something so fresh, upcoming big name (in some music magazines compered with the more experienced DJ Koze or even Dixon). This will be an opportunity to close eyes and feel the atmosphere of Berlin streets or simply enjoy the irresistible rhythms of this maestro. Local support for our guest from Berlin will be Vlada Janjic and Kristijan Molnar.