The trio Kraak and Smaak have been performing for ten years now. They began their career with the album “Boogie Angst”. Their performance is a quite popular music event in the world in that a combination of funk ,disco and house sounds feature in their music.

They leapt into stardom at the beginning of their career entering the European and world scene back then above all, thanks to the performances at prestigious festivals and clubs in America and  Australia. With the release of the second album Plastic People in 2008 and the single Squeeze me, Kraak and Smaak have made their way  into the music world  when  the  prestigious British magazine IDJ  likened them  to the brilliant artists such as The Chemical Brothers, Moby and The Prodigy. Shortly afterwards, the band performed at the world famous Glastonbury festival.

Thanks to their great popularity in the US, they appeared in the famous Jimmy Kimmel show/ Their work was commended by a well known blogger Perez Hilton, and even the crusty? Kanye West said he’s a big fan. Today, Kraak and Smaak have grown into an international cross-over performance that dominates the scene, regardless of whether they perform in the club or at the festival, and no matter what type of music   ‘the guys’ performing before or after them are into.

So, do not expect their performance to be a long and drawn out  mixture taken fresh ‘off one’s laptop’, but  do expect a stage populated by musicians and singers who voice  their attitude in the show that is believed to be the spectacular  mixture  of music and DJ set.

Kraak and Smaak Live are the fifth big name to kick start this year’s Belgrade Beer Fest. We kindly remind you that  Riblja Čorba, Rundek Kargo Trio, Kiki Lesendrić & Piloti and DJ Roger Sanchez will be performing this August.

The famous British magazine “Independent” in the article published on Friday, July 10th, prompted their readers not to miss out on  Belgrade Beer Fest if they happen to visit  Belgrade. Belgrade Beer Fest  is to start  on August 19th, where all visitors will be able to enjoy, as they put it, free “evening sessions”