LAPIEN aka METROPOLIS LIVE! (Soul People Music, Bliq, Other Heights, Sequencias, Parallel) with Miloš Pavlović aka Regen (Ilian Tape), Bolelee (Wax Traxx) & Damir Zekiri (Beyond House)

Party is happening on Saturday, 22nd of March at Drugstore club. Nick Lapien’s main project. Deep, melodic, atmospheric but driven house and techno music.This alter-ego, inspired by the 1927′ cultfilm, gives his idea of how the city would look like if it was created out of musical waves. Neo-electronic, mechanical, raw and as dark as a film noir.

Releases: Lapien – Anvers EP // Bliq04 Lapien – Indifference // Earth Tones, Soul People Music Lapien – Obsession (ft Giselle Mapp) // Boards, Soul People Music




Tickets: 300 RSD before midnight, after 400 RSD 

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