Beautiful legacy of Yugoslavian painter Petar Lubarda is reconstructed and open for visitors.  Villa is located in 1 Iliciceva street in Dedinje residential neighborhood.

Visitors of the Legacy of Petar Lubarda will be able to enjoy fully renovated villa and see the works that haven’t  been publicly presented for more than 30 years. Ground and first floor of the building will include from 16 to 24 preserved and restored paintings. Some of the paintings are missing and location and ownership of those are unknown.

It is planned that this object of great importance provides a gift shop and a coffee bar as part of service and makes itself somewhat financially sustainable.

Petar Lubarda (27 July 1907 – 13 February 1974) was a Serbian painter, considered to be an influential figure on post-war painting in former Yugoslavia. Lubarda was member of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts (SASA). Before his death Lubarda left a letter in which he demanded that on every occasion that he be identified as being of Serbian nationality. This letter is now deposed in the Archives of SASA. His most preferred subject was The Battle of Kosovo, which Lubarda painted in various formats in more than 30 versions.

He was born in Ljubotinj, near Cetinje, Principality of Montenegro. He studied painting in Belgrade and Paris. From 1932 until his death he lived in Belgrade, with exception of period 1946 – 1950 when he was professor at Art School of Herceg Novi. His work is inspired by Serbian history and Montenegrin landscape. He won many awards, in Europe, Brazil and on Tokyo Biennale.