Let’s Mix It! Weekend for this year is ending with its music program, which will take place on September 1st and 2nd at Barutana on Kalemegdan, starting at 11:00 PM and lasting until 5:00 AM. The lineup for this event is composed of the currently most sought-after global performers, beloved by the Belgrade audience, including the masterful DJ and producer Denis Sulta, the British producer and DJ James Zabiela, LA LA, as well as local support – the winner of the LMI competition DJ and producer Boško Baloš, this year’s LMI competition finalist Ivan Sabo, while the evening will be closed by last year’s LMI competition winner DJ and producer Dakman.

The first night will be opened by the LMI competition finalist, DJ Ivan Sabo, who has stood out with his dynamic sets, blending House, BreakBeat Acid House, and more. LA LA Lorenino’s deep knowledge of music history shines through her sets, as demonstrated at the 2019 Boiler Room.

Denis Sulta, often regarded as one of the most exciting DJs, seamlessly navigates house, techno, disco, and hip-hop sounds. Sulta’s music is a fusion of everything heard in house music – Chicago, Detroit, Disco, and Acid, with elements of Latin and progressive sounds. His tracks have achieved modern classic status, and he is highly dedicated to track selection, creating incredible atmospheres in his sets.

On the second night, we will witness the performance of the LMI competition winner, DJ and producer Boško Baloš, followed by the highly anticipated James Zabiela, known for his virtuosic performances at major world festivals. After more than a decade in the industry, he has become a part of British and global artistic heritage, primarily due to his unparalleled technical skills in live performances. His sets feature the warmest ambient tracks alongside dirty acid house and techno tunes. His expert selection, mixing, and mastery in reading the crowd’s energy keep the audience engaged at a very high level.

One of the sought-after names on the local scene, DJ and producer Dakman, gained visibility and recognition by winning first place in the Let’s Mix It! DJ competition in 2022, showing great potential. His sets are characterized by the sound of the 80s and 90s, from which he draws inspiration, creating a special atmosphere in his performances, all within the genres of Deep House with elements of Minimal. His sets are full of energy and emotions, of top quality, and reflect his passion and love for music. Dakman’s signature is undoubtedly his complete dedication to the studio and production, which sets him apart from most DJs. His production knowledge, creativity, and collegiality will soon place him at the top of the scene.

Let’s Mix It! has been working for several years to promote the local DJ scene through DJ competitions, mentorship, and educational programs. Their primary goal is to guide local DJs in the right direction and to showcase the entire music industry. Their music and production programs are designed to help students establish and enhance their skills and emerge as professionals. Through LMI, they have had the opportunity to collaborate with several iconic clubs and festivals in the region and Europe, where their students, DJs, have had the chance to express their talent and win valuable prizes in collaboration with Players Music Store. Besides performances, they can look forward to a trip to Amsterdam, the largest festival in Europe – Amsterdam Dance Event, and numerous activities, including music production courses at basic and advanced levels (Ableton Live Suite), which will encourage the winner to start developing their talent right away.

Let’s Mix It! has laid a strong foundation and concept with the aim of allowing young talents in the electronic music industry to continue developing with the support of a professional team and program scheme. A stable community is undoubtedly the most important thing when it comes to all forms of art, and it seems that the electronic scene in Serbia has gained one to be proud of.

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For more information about the LMI Academy, you can visit LMI Academy’s website.