Belgrade’s club Drugstore will host Hosar on the 27th of November.  The party will be supported by local DJs Tijana T, Jan Nemacek and Schwabe. 


The American-born, Berlin-based hardware charmer Sheela Rahman AKA Xosar is finally about to visit Drugstore after years of considering this option! So far each of her releases contained evergreen witch’s spells and with the news that she launched her own label Gyrocyre, we’re most definitely about to see this woman morph more of our fears and shivers into music. Xosar has conquered the ghost world of Rush Hour, Opal Tapes and L.I.E.S. with her first productions. She is known for her collaborations with Legowelt and love for  black metal which she kindly packed into a mix for Red Bull Music Academy. Hope she brings her tigers!