Cinema City IFF will be held for the seventh time in Novi Sad, in the period from June 21-28. As before, the festival will premiere numerous film accomplishments in ten selections, and, as before, the premieres of domestic films are expected to attract the most attention.

This year’s Cinema City will open with the domestic premiere of The Disobedient, Mina Đukić’s debut feature film. Following the success of this authentic piece of filmmaking at some of the most significant international festivals of independent film at the beginning of this year, the domestic audience will finally get the chance to see The Disobedient at the opening of the festival, on Saturday, June 22. The film will be part of the National Class competition selection, Cinema City’s main attraction, which presents the latest accomplishments of domestic cinema. 


The world premiere of The Disobedient was in January, as part of competition selection World Cinema Dramatic of the Sundance Film Festival, which was founded by renowned American actor Robert Redford. Following Srdan Golubović’s Circles, winner of last year’s Cinema City festival, The Disobedient are only the second film from our region to be screened at Sundance. The world premiere was followed by the European premiere at another prestigious festival of independent film – the international film festival in Rotterdam, IFFR. The Disobedient continued its festival career at film festivals in Sofia, Istanbul, Priština and Krakov. At PriFilm Fest in Priština, The Disobedient won the Red Goddess award for best film, while Hana Selimović, who plays the lead female role in the film, won the Golden Goddess award for best actress.


This poetic piece is a love story about Lena and Lazar, who are played by superb young actors Hana Selimović and Mladen Sovilj. Lena and Lazar are childhood friends, who meet again after several years that Lazar spent studying abroad. They embark on a bicycle trip that will lead them on an adventure, during which they will find out if they can maintain the carefree disposition of their early relationship, and explore the fine line that separates lovers from friends and maturity from childhood. The author and presenter of children’s shows that we all remember, Minja Subota, acts as the narrator who will reveal to the audience what the characters are yet to find out. The Disobedient is first and foremost a love story about coming of age (albeit delayed), the right to rebellion and freedom, and lastly, about the joy of finding one’s soul mate.


The direction and screenplay are signed by Mina Đukić, marvelous cinematography by Đorđe Arambašić, and editing by Ivan Vasić. In addition to Hana Selimović and Mladen Sovilj, the exceptional cast of this film also includes Danijel Šike, Ivan Đorđević, Dunja Tatić, Raslav Sekulović, Marko Janjić, Branka Šelić and Žarko Radić.

Mina Đukić and Nikola Ležaić produced this film under the patronage of production company Kiselo dete. This production company is credited for one of our most awarded films Tilva Roš which was, incidentally, signed by Nikola Ležaić. At Cinema City 2011 Ležaić won the Grand Prix for best film and the award for best screenplay for Tilva Roš, which was screened within the National Class selection. The following year he was the selector for Up to 10,000 Bucks, a very popular low-budget selection of the Cinema City.

The opening of the 7th Cinema City IFF will gather numerous film professionals from the country and the region. The idea is for this festival to become the meeting point for all of them, and a place where their creative energies can interact. The audience will have the opportunity to meet them, as well as The Disobedient film crew. In the spirit of good energy of the Cinema City festival, this start of the seventh edition will aim to further nurture the relationship between film authors and the audience by providing space for them to meet and socialize. For all the above reasons do not miss the chance to attend the premiere of The Disobedient on June 22.