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Serbian architects Ivan Kucina and Nenad Katić, together with an art collector and creator Vladimir Macura, have designed the Museum for the Art Collection Macura in Novi Banovci, Serbia. Museum Macura is the first designated museum object built in Serbia after the Belgrade’s Museum of Modern Art from 1964, and the Museum of African Art from 1972.

The Museum Macura was opened in May 2008 and represents an important component in Serbian art scene. Museum features the art collection Macura that is one of the largest private collections of modern art in the south-east Europe, and comprises the works of the 20th century avant-garde artists, with much focus on the early 20th century movements such as Dada, Zenithism, Surrealism, Constructivism, Viennese activism and others. It includes painting and sculpture, as well as industrial design.  Macura contemporary art collection is complemented by comprehensive original documentation in the form of  photographs, letters, magazines and artefacts that contribute to better understanding of the artists and movements itself.

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The art collection Macura includes some of the key artworks of Belgrade Surrealism (including publications in connection with the production of this art movement ) such as: famous work of Raša Teodosijević “God loves the Serbs” (1998), the work of Braca Dimitrijević who photographed anonymous passers-by in Berlin, also works of Bozidar Mandić from 1970, analytical sculptures made by Neša Paripović, works of  Bogdanka Poznanović who was one of the initiators of the avant garde movement in Novi Sad. In addition, Macura museum includes the work of Ivan Picelj which stands by the famous artwork named “Intuition” by famous Joseph Beuys, and also the sculpture of the famous Alexandar Calder. Macura keeps a photo of Croatian avant-garde filmmaker, actor and conceptual artist Tomislav Gotovac, and the work of the controversial Viennese actionist Hermann Nitsch, and much more from Yugoslav contemporary art.

macura museum architecture

macura museum interior

macura museum interior

  Photos: Ana Kostić 

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Museum is located in the rural settings on the top of the cliff overlooking the river Danube, in Novi Banovci near Belgrade. 

1 Zenit St. Novi Banovci, Serbia 

Hours Open: 

Fri-Sun 10-6 pm 

Tel:  +381 64 472 96 29 appointments are required